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Advice on a Garden Clean-up for Braai Parties

The sun is shining, and the season for holding gatherings outside is rapidly approaching. It’s a fantastic idea to get rid of some of the obstructions in your outdoor space as a first step toward getting your home ready to host guests! Whether it’s steering clear of your rusty braai so you can make room for a new one or removing the old swing set from your back garden so you can build a seating area, there are plenty of things that need to be done. 

5 Areas That Need to Be Cleaned Up Before Hosting Guests Outside

You must make certain that your location is ready to serve as a host before you begin sending out invitations for the event. If you plan to host any events in your back garden this season, you should get your house ready by following these steps. 

Remove Excess Items From the Outdoor Space

When you have guests over for a gathering outside, the garden is probably the first place they will see, so you should make sure it is clean and free of any obstructions. You should begin your spring cleaning in the front garden by mowing the grass and sprucing up your plants. Remove any overly long branches from the trees and hedges surrounding your home so that visitors can travel there without risk and promptly.

If there is a side gate through which visitors can access the backyard, make sure the path leading up to it is clear of any obstructions. Repeat the process in the back garden, removing and getting rid of any foliage, twigs, and other waste that has accumulated as a result of the winter and spring seasons. 

If you’re having guests over in your front or back garden, ensure the area is tidy and free of any obstructions so that they can stand or sit without difficulty. If you have a pool, you should make sure that the surrounding area is dry, free of puddles, and safe for your guests to stroll around in. 

Organize the Garden Shed

Now is the time to search through the storage shed for any items that might be required for hosting. Take your grill out of storage and clean it thoroughly to remove any residue of sand that has gathered over the winter. If you have a habit of leaving your braai outside, check to see that it hasn’t rusted or been affected by the chilly weather. 

The next step is to retrieve any seasonal tables and chairs that might have been stashed away in the garage for the past few months and wipe away any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on them. Do a quick inspection of the chairs and seat cushions to determine whether or not there is any major damage or areas that are missing holes. You don’t want to offer a guest a seat on a chair that’s been damaged in any way!

Even if you don’t immediately put furniture outside, you should make sure that there is plenty of seating that is easy to get to. In the same vein as the furniture, search for any prospective outdoor games that you might require and put them somewhere that guests can easily access them. You never know when you may get the hankering to play a game of racquetball or touch rugby! If you don’t currently have any activities but are planning to buy some new games for the summer, make sure there is enough space for them to be securely stored by disposing of any products you no longer require. 

Give the Patio a Facelift

After you have cleaned out any damaged or unnecessary items and arranged your storage shed, it is time to spruce up the outdoor area where you entertain guests. It is recommended that you give both your patio and any of your veranda furniture a thorough cleaning before relocating it onto your deck. You may need to follow a different set of instructions for cleaning your patio properly based on the material that your deck is made of. For instance, if your deck is constructed out of wood, you might want to think about giving it a new coat of stain so that it not only looks fantastic but also stays shielded from the elements. 

Check to see that your patio furniture has not been harmed by the weather or other external factors if it is left out on the patio throughout the entire year. After getting rid of everything that isn’t necessary, you should conduct a swift stock to ensure that there is sufficient seating for everyone who has been invited. Nobody wants to find themselves in the position of having to be seated on the ground. If you require additional chairs, some great choices include collapsible chairs or banquettes. 

Make Preparations in Your Braai Area

The delicious food is by far the nicest part of organizing summer braai outside. Even though you might do all of the braaing on the patio or in the backyard, you’ll probably spend the bulk of your time preparing food inside. To begin, make sure that your kitchen is tidy and well-organized before the event so that you will have no trouble entering and exiting the space quickly if necessary.   After you have finished cleaning, prepare as much of the food as you can ahead of time by doing things like chopping vegetables, making freshly made dip, and making lemonade beforehand. Because of this, it will be much simpler for you to spend more time outside with your visitors when they come, instead of being confined to the kitchen the whole time. 

If you are fortunate enough to have access to an outdoor kitchen, you should make certain that it is fully equipped with everything you will require before your visitors come. It is going to save you time because you won’t have to go inside as frequently to get the ingredients you need. Make sure you don’t overlook anything important like condiments, knives, and forks, or drinks by making a list of everything you’ll need in advance and checking it twice! 

Sweep and Disinfect Indoor Areas With Heavy Foot Traffic

Even though the hosting may be taking place outside, there is always a possibility that someone will need to go inside at some point during the event. If your guests will be entering your home through the front door to get to the backyard, make sure there is space in the entryway or a nearby coat closet for their bags and coats.

During the time that you are hosting, you should clear your entry area of any footwear, rucksacks, or other items that could potentially block the doorway and store them in a secure location some distance from the door. If you have too much stuff in your closets, you should contemplate tidying up and getting rid of anything that isn’t being used. Items that aren’t in season, such as winter boots or jackets, should be put into storage. 

If you do not have a bathroom that is accessible from the outside, your visitors will most probably have to come inside to use the restroom. Before you host guests, give it a quick cleaning and make sure that it is adequately replenished with essentials like toilet rolls, liquid soap, and hand towels. 

It might be worthwhile to clean far more areas within the house, based on the weather predictions, just in case the sun turns into rain while you’re inside. When the temperature begins to drop and the sun begins to set, it is often a simple matter to relocate indoors for the remainder of the day.