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About Quickie

Your Quick Announcement Platform for South Africa

Welcome to, your go-to announcement platform designed to quickly introduce businesses, products, services, people, and ideas to our vibrant Quickie audience in South Africa. We’re not your typical blog; we’re an extraordinary platform committed to delivering rapid news and information updates.

Our Unique Approach

Quick and Concise: At, we don’t believe in beating around the bush. We understand that your time is precious, and that’s why we specialize in delivering swift, to-the-point updates that keep you in the know without any unnecessary fluff.

What Sets Us Apart

Announcement Platform: We’re not just another blog; we’re your premier announcement platform for all things South Africa. Whether it’s a new business venture, a groundbreaking product, a remarkable service, an inspiring individual, or a game-changing idea, we introduce it quickly and effectively, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Smart, Well-Researched Content: Our team takes pride in delivering content that’s not only concise but also packed with insightful information. We dive deep into the topics that matter most to you, ensuring you’re well-informed without having to sift through lengthy articles.

Humor with a Purpose: We believe in the power of humor to make even the most complex topics enjoyable to read. Our authors, led by the dynamic Marika van der Merwe, infuse humor into their writing, adding a touch of wit to every piece. We believe that learning should be fun, and our content reflects that ethos.

Sponsored by Advertising, Driven by Passion

Quickie is made possible by advertising banners and affiliated partnerships. These sponsors support our mission to bring you speedy and relevant announcements. We’re passionate about providing you with the latest updates, and our sponsors help us make that mission a reality.

Share Your News

If you have a business, product, service, or idea that you’d like to introduce to our Quickie audience, don’t hesitate to complete our submission form. While we review all submissions, we may not publish every news item, and we reserve the right to reject any submission without providing a reason. But if your announcement aligns with our commitment to concise, informative, and occasionally humorous content, you’re in the right place.

Join the Quickie Community is your destination for swift updates that matter. Whether you’re a business looking to make a splash or a curious individual eager to stay informed, Quickie has you covered. Marika and her team are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the latest news and introductions, all delivered in a quick and engaging format.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the latest news and introductions, all delivered in a quick and engaging format.

Quickie is sponsored by advertising banners and affiliated partnerships, if you would like to send us a suggestion of your business, product, service to include on Quickie Announcement News please feel free to complete this form here.

Thank you for choosing as your go-to platform for rapid announcements. Join the Quickie community today and be part of our mission to bring South Africa quick and exciting news.

Welcome to!

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