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 Choices in Tile and Countertops That Are Outdated

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It can be a very difficult task to complete a successful home improvement project if you do not carefully select the appropriate materials. There are an infinite number of potential sources of inspiration out there, and despite the quantity of research, articles, and Pinterest boards you’ve accumulated, it’s likely that you’ve come across advice that contradicts itself.

We offer some advice on how you should approach making decisions about your tile and countertops in a way that will start giving your creativity a longer shelf life and help you split through the clutter regarding “what is” and “what’s not” on-trend for 2023.

When beginning the process of renovating your home, it is important to keep the following three guidelines in mind as you make design decisions in order to ensure that your house will be suitable for living in for at least the next ten years:

Give Careful Consideration to Your Canvas Selection

According to Oren Sachs, Managing Director at WOMAG, “getting your foundation right” is the first step toward ensuring that the rooms in your home do not become dated. In this particular scenario, the foundation consists of your hard finishes. The tiles and countertops in your house ought to have a timeless and understated appearance of neutrality. You are all positioned to adorn your house with soft touches to achieve a specific look that you are interested in if you combine them with gorgeous countertops and wall features that are either contrasting or striking.

Heads up: If you intend to pursue the latest fad that you genuinely love, it is recommended that you do so with decorative elements that could easily be replaced instead of using hard finishes.

Make a Shrewd Choice When Selecting Your Provider

Collaborate with a reliable supplier who can assist you in conducting an in-depth analysis of the available space and provide you with product recommendations that highlight your sense of style and are appropriate for the tasks at hand. You shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to follow the most recent trend simply because someone else advises you to do so. “When we go to trade shows, we carefully review the products being displayed and then take into account what might work the best for the South African market,” explains Sachs.  The team at WOMAG has decades of combined experience, which has given them an intuitive knowledge of the marketplace. This has enabled them to determine which international movements will be most suitable for homes in South Africa.

Give Careful Consideration to the Layout of Every Room in Your House


The concept of “the kitchen of the future” is currently the subject of a significant amount of discussion. Take the time to set up your kitchen for your future. When it comes to slabs for kitchen countertops, WOMAG is the obvious choice thanks to their extensive selection of magnificent showcase granite and Phoenix Stone-designed quartz.

Granite, Phoenix Stone marble, or stone-look slabs for worktops are always a good choice for open-concept kitchens with statement islands made from attractive and long-lasting granite.

Granite is among the hardest materials that can be found in nature, which lends to its reputation for being nearly indestructible and long-lasting. This surface is incredibly scratch and stain resistant, in addition to being hygienic. Granite, such as the Matrix Brushed granite slab offered by WOMAG, is not only functional but also lends a sense of luxury to kitchens, bathrooms, and even commercial spaces in addition to its other benefits.

At least 93% of Phoenix Stone’s composition is quartz, making it an excellent choice for surfaces in residential settings. Using materials that imitate the motion and look of natural stone, such as the Nova Calacatta Phoenix Stone, offers a clean-edged design that is modern and cohesive when used for countertops or backsplashes.

Stone and Concrete Countertop for the Bathroom

Marble is the perfect material for turning a bathroom into a relaxing oasis. The luxurious and sophisticated appearance that marble tiles and slabs produce is well worth the additional cost. Choose the natural hues for an ageless, luxurious feel. Marble-look porcelain tiles from WOMAG offer countless design options, making them an excellent choice for those who desire the look of marble but have a more limited budget. The advancements that have been made in the printing of porcelain tiles now enable them to have a more plausible similarity to the stone or material that they are intended to mimic. This gives your home an elegant and natural look.

It is critical that you incorporate traditional components into the redesign of your bathroom, as these will serve as the space’s supporting structure. Tiles and wall features with a natural and classic look create an atmosphere that can be further enhanced by your choice of soft finishes. You can achieve a classic look and feel in your bathroom by combining different types of materials. For instance, you could pair tiles that look like wood with marble vanity. Pick a striking décor tile for your bathroom if you want to experiment with design and add a little bit of your own personality to the space. Before any tiles or countertops are installed in your new bathroom, it is crucial to find a trusted plumber in Cape Town to ensure all your pipework is done professionally.

The Living Room Features With a Bernes Haya Wood-look Porcelain Tile

Your home’s focal point, the living room is an area designed for socializing and unwinding with loved ones, neighbors, and acquaintances. A place that is not only welcoming but also useful and pleasurable. To enhance the carefully chosen hard finishes in your living room, such as a porcelain tile with a matt finish, you can accessorize the space with fun finishes that evolve and change with the trends. If the tiling, cladding, and wall feature selections you make are classic and on point, you will have no trouble giving your living room a put-together look. One excellent illustration of this is the breathtaking slab of Arctic Ocean granite.