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Greetings to the New Year! Farewell To Your Old Self

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There’s only one strategy for making the year that lies ahead of you a substantial improvement in comparison to the years that have come before. However, the answer could be different from the one you’re looking for at all. No matter how much success you have with your resolutions, you won’t have a better year as a result of them.

Even if you are very consistent with your habits, it will not result in the desired outcome. Neither a significant pay raise at work nor the beginning of a new relationship will suffice, regardless of how satisfying they may be in the short term. The secret to having a breakthrough year runs counter to what is promoted during the holidays and defies what is written in self-help headlines. There is no need to spend any money, go anywhere, or get the government involved.

The Only Thing You Have to Give Up is a Little Bit of Your Heart and Soul

A shift in mentality is the key to an improved year, a better quality of life, and an improvement in you as an individual. There is nothing else that even comes close. If you improve just this one aspect of yourself, you’ll find that your entire environment shifts in a positive direction. Alternately, you could consider switching everything else that is visible on the outside, only to discover that this does not significantly alter anything on the inside.

Two Ways of Thinking, Two Different Endpoints

Since the beginning of recorded history, the mindset of making resolutions has failed us. Because of this, historians from a very long time ago advise us that citizens of ancient Babylon started creating yearly “resolutions” to gain influence with their divinities, so you’d assume that by now we’d have already learned this lesson. There’s no proof that New Year’s resolutions made in modern times are any more effective than those made in Babylonian times, despite the fact that we make them at the beginning of the year rather than in the middle of April like the Babylonians did.

The majority of people’s New Year’s resolutions have not been unsuccessful as a result of an absence of motivation, resources, or good intent, both in the past and in the present. Instead of helping us succeed, resolutions encourage us to adopt a mentality that is mismatched with the time-tested fundamentals of sustained achievement. In point of fact, the resolution ideology, which is constructed on equally ephemeral qualities such as ambition and fortitude, has practically become associated with relatively brief objectives and behavioral shifts that are only intended to be temporary.

The Journey Attitude

If the resolution attitude were to be taught through a narrative, the straw house from “The Three Little Pigs” might be an appropriate representation of it. Neither one is intended to be permanent. On the other hand, the metaphorical brick house that represents tenacity and everlasting success is depicted by the journey attitude. The following characteristics define this latter mindset:

  • A focus on the process rather than the end product
  • The difference between an internal and an external focus on change
  • A basis built on starting up and gaining knowledge through experience, as opposed to requiring instant success.
  • The character traits of the journey mindset are demonstrated by the scientific knowledge of behavior modification to enhance long-term changes in behavior. This is not a coincidence.

A Different Way of Thinking in the New Year

Even though untruths is nowadays most closely aligned with public policy and public health, the references of misleading information that are among the most detrimental of all are not related to election campaigns or immunisations. These are the counterproductive notions that are commonly instilled in us regarding how to live our lives.

You can break free from the confines of traditional thinking if you adopt a fresh mentality and work to improve it. You are not required to put on an act until you succeed; instead, you can design your life around the things that are most important to you. It’s possible that financial success won’t bring happiness, but investing in your own development and the relationships that matter most to you almost definitely will.

You aren’t required to be amazing at something before you can start doing it, but you do need to start doing it in order to become amazing at it. The real point of having a job is not so much to bring in money as it is to help you realize your full potential and grow as a person. Real change comes not from motivation or shortcuts, but rather from changes in individuality, which are about the introspective process towards becoming who and what you are. Having said that, here are a few ways you can help yourself achieve your New Year Goals:

Reduce the Number of Days in Your Year to Improve Outcomes

It would be humorous if a therapist advised you to reduce the length of your year, but in reality, doing so would be more effective than seeing any kind of counselor, and the evidence of this would be visible in the results. If you set your sights on accomplishing too much in one year, your mind has a tendency to become overwhelmed and give up too quickly.

A more effective strategy is to break up the year into a number of shorter parts. The book “The Twelve Week Year” presents an excellent strategy for achieving one’s goals. When you reduce the time period of your resolution to three months, you will likely experience significantly less pressure and anxiety.

You will make a big particular goal that is started working out through smaller compact goals to accomplish it day by day and week by week, and that goal will be contained within a container that is more feasible and convenient for you. As a result of the fact that your objectives are more focused on the here and now, you have a tendency to more instinctually engage the activities that we’ve described above, maintaining process as the driving force behind your resolutions.

If you require something done, it is recommended that you give it to someone who is already busy. Placing your goals into a structure that appears to be more restricted and condensed offers us a mental nudge of urgency that is a significantly better launching pad than the spacious period of the year.

Selecting the Best Accountability Buddies

Productivity soars when it discovers a connection with another person who shares similar values and is working alongside you. In the same way that process depends on a relationship with yourself, productivity soars when it discovers a connection with another person who works in the same field. When we are held accountable for our actions, it forces us to engage in creative problem-solving in order to overcome the challenging obstacles that we frequently face when attempting to put our resolutions into practice.

We also have a tendency to speed up the process of helping ourselves by concentrating on helping other people. Accountability partners are typically much more compassionate than the harsh and impersonal critic that exists solely inside of one’s own head. They assist you in discovering new approaches, which enables you to become a more effective as well as more compassionate problem solver.

It is critical to locate accountability partners who have a mindset that views process and outcome as complementary rather than exclusive. We want someone who is just as intrigued and interested in rolling with the necessary adjustments to make things hum, but we also want to be moving closer and closer to our goals, so that is a given. However, we also want to have someone who is always getting us closer. In a nutshell, our accountability partners also serve as our improv scene partners, guiding us in the right direction while assisting us in discovering novel approaches to create interesting moments out of the fun we’re having.


We will continue to be constrained by a mindset that is limited to traditional ways of living so long as we do not develop a mindset that enables a better future. Remember that a new mindset is a gift that you can only give yourself this holiday season, regardless of what presents you may have received from other people this holiday season.