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YLO Productions is a big commercial film production company. YLO produces stills images, short documentaries, TV commercials, and motion graphics for online and offline media use. We produce media because we believe it is the future, but it is all broadcast quality.

With creative producers, fixers, journalists and an experienced film industry crew working across 80 countries, our movie production company produces high-quality films to fit various briefs and customer requirements. Our boutique production company based in Cape Town services worldwide production companies, advertising agencies and clients.

YLO Productions is a Cape Town-based stills and film production company. We can help with advertising campaigns, car shoots, fashion catalogues, photo libraries, editorials, TV or online commercials, documentaries, and music videos.

YLO Productions has the solution for whoever or whatever you need in a commercial film production company.

YLO Productions creates internet videos. We communicate your big ideas to the public, clients, and investors. Insightful videos about your business, products, and ideas We promote you online to increase sales and traffic.

Why Use Us For Your Production?

We are one of the most flexible film production companies around and have worked with many award-winning brands. This is our southern hemisphere production base. We want to work with you to tell your story, empower people, and inspire change. Offering extensive infrastructure, incredible location diversity, world-class crews and all the facilities required to run a professional and cost-effective production. With experience in both the international and British film industries, we can help you tell a compelling story. For a big project or a first time branding video, we’d love to hear your ideas and use our talent to tell a compelling story.

If you can’t make it to town, send us your idea and we’ll deliver it safely, on time, and on budget. We have years of experience working with international brands and clients both on-site and remotely.